Doggy Daycare


Daycare is offered at City Slickers premises indoors and outdoors (covered and open with access between the two). We provide fully enclosed outdoor grassed area with shade, kennels, beds, splash pool, ball pits and toys. New dogs will need to attend for a short introduction session with current dogs to ensure activity levels and personalities are complimentary to each other.

Full day basis:
$40 per day drop off 8.30 pick up 6pm

Half day basis:
$25 per day drop off 8.30 pick up 1.30pm

At present (as of February 2016), care is offered on a full/half day basis on Tuesdays with half day on Thursdays.
Dogs are to be collected promptly at pick up time or further charges will apply. Please call to advise if arriving late or the assumption will be that your pet has been forgotten and collection at another location may apply with further charges.

You agree that any altercation that may take place between dogs is at your expense if veterinary care is required. Though we will interact and monitor the dogs play, it needs to be understood that they are dogs and may get into arguments!

Dogs must be fully vaccinated and desexed to enrol. Your dog will be checked for any fleas on arrival and should there be fleas or flea dirt evident, they will need to be flea bathed before entering daycare area and the cost will be added to your fee.

Please download this Enrolment Form fill it in and return it to the salon or email to We will then contact you to organise a first short introductory session.



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